Why is grooming your dog important?

We want all dogs to be healthy and while genetics, diet, exercise, attention and mental stimulation all play a big part, grooming is one important way you can directly affect your dog’s health. A well-groomed dog is likely to maintain a healthier coat, skin, eyes, ears, teeth, and even structure.

An obvious indicator of good health in a dog is their coat. It is the first thing people notice and may be the first thing to deteriorate when a dog suffers from a health problem. 

Grooming also keeps you in contact with your dog so you can catch changes in the coat, skin or body more quickly.

A Visit to your professional groomer is an addition to the care you are providing for your dog. Regular brushing should be done by the owners in between grooming visits to keep coat tangle and matt free. If the owners simply don’t have the time we suggest more regular visits to your groomers even for just the brushing between full grooming sessions.

Your pet relies on you to keep him fit and healthy.

Dog Grooming Services

Bookings essential and full list of terms and conditions will be emailed to you when booking is made.

Dog Grooming at our parlour in Melkbosstrand or with our Mobile Units.

We have wide variety of packages available to suit your needs. From wash and go packages to executive packages.

Wednesdays pensioners discount at the parlour

Discount offered to pet owners who own more than 3 dogs

Our Dog Grooming Facilities

Parlour in Melkbosstrand

The parlour in Melkbosstrand is fully equipped with professional equipment and tools of the trade. They also have a specially designed dog bath imported from the US for a more comfortable wash for your dog.  

For security purposes and ease of mind they also have security cameras recorded to a hard drive for storage and future references. There is a security gate at the entrance to insure your furkids are safe and sound.

Dog Grooming Parlour – 082 525 6414

Mobile Units

Our trailers are fully equipped with professional equipment and tools of the trade. They come to your house and connect to your nearest tap and electricity point (with their own leads and hosepipe) and grooms your dog right in front of your house without your dog leaving your premises.  This is especially beneficial for older dogs and dogs suffering with anxiety and health problems. 

A question that gets asked a lot is do you use cold water? – no we would not do that unless requested.  There is a geyser in the trailers which is fully adjustable to the perfect temperate for your dog.  

Mobile Unit (Full Grooming) – 082 319 6328

Mobile Unit (Standard Grooming) – 084 911 9114

Dog Grooming Terms and Conditions

Bookings are essential on the mobile units and encouraged at the parlour. Walk ins will be considered if the parlour is not busy and can accommodate you at the time, however booked clients will be done first. 

We do not like to be rushed. Most grooms take approximately 2-3 hours. You are most welcome to stay while your dogs are being groomed, but they can be like kids and if they become difficult to groom we might ask you to just step outside while he/she is being groomed. We want the best results for your doggies groom and that is why we need their full concentration.

Cancellations Late or missed appointments will be charged a minimum of 50% of the appointments value. We need 24 hours’ notice of any changes.